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WP Video Magic Review
In this WP Video Magic Review, let us learn about what is WP Video Magic? How to use it and what its benefits? Whether you need WP Video Magic?
In today’s world, one cannot dispute the video marketing role in selling any products and services. It is the most effective way of sales, and the statistics show that 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool.
76% of the Business owners admit that videos played a significant role in increased traffic to their websites.
The statistics show that people spend 2.6 x more time on a page with a video than a page without a video.
It just goes to prove how powerful visual presentation is in selling any product and services.

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An Overview – WP Toolkit Video Magic Review: 

Creator IM Wealth Builder
Product WP Toolkit Video Magic
Launch Date 2020-Nov-09
Launch Time 11:00 AM ET/NY
Front-End Price $17 – $27
Skill Levels All
Official Website http://wpvideomagic.com
Niche Video
Money-back Guarantee 1 month


What is WP Toolkit Video Magic?

WP Toolkit Video Magic is a simple WordPress Video Plugin. It allows you to add easily to Amazon

S3 and Cloudfront hosted videos on any blogs.

The easy 1-click CloudFront distribution set up that enables you to securely deliver your videos to customers globally fast and with a high transfer rate.

S3 is a Storage System, a CloudFront router that allows you to store and retrieve unlimited data at any time and from anywhere.

The inbuilt video analytics helps you to track how long a viewer is playing your video using Video Shortcode.

You can set up to display a subscription button or a buy button at a certain point in your video.

Who is the creator of WP Toolkit Video Magic?

Matt Garett

IM Wealth-Builder is the creator of this crafty tool. It was founded in 2009 by Matt Garett to create and promote software and information products.  

Their other products include WP Smart Links, Blog Niche Tools, Convert Text V2, WP Optimizer, and many more.

Features – A WP Toolkit Video Magic Review

Amazon S3 and CloudFront:

WP Video Magic operates with both Amazon S3 and CloudFront that gives you instant access to some powerful video hosting platform. 

Use any videos:

Wp Toolkit Video Magic naturally works with many different formats that include YouTube. Therefore, you can enjoy all the features and add the videos to your blog, even if it is not your video.

Easy 1-click set-up:

You have access to Easy 1-click CloudFront setup, and integration allows you quickly to integrate your Amazon S3 and CloudFront to your WP Toolkit Video Magic without any technical skills or experience.

No Ads or Watermarks:

You can embed and play your videos with no ads and no watermarks, or no links to other people’s content. That means you can stop losing your profits by sending traffic to your competition.


In the last 7-years, mobile traffic has increased by 222%. Statistics mount that in 2019 53.3% of the traffic comes through mobile viewing worldwide.
WP Toolkit Video Magic is compatible with all devices. Meaning, it plays on all devices that include mobiles so that you don’t miss out on any potential sales of 53%plus.

Setting choice:

You can choose your setting whether you want to autoplay or hide or display the control buttons. You could make a subscription button, or an order button, or even a buy button after a specified time underneath your video presentation. You turn your video into a high converting sales machine

Smooth Viewing experience:

With a single click, you can choose to hide or display the video control. You can choose to auto buffer your videos once the page has opened to render a seamless video watching experience to the viewers.

Encrypted & Secure

WP Video Magic comes with a full Amazon S3 Media Manager that makes it simple to find and use the videos on your S3 account.
It contains download security & encryption for all S3 hosted files.


The Advance Media Analytics provides you a complete report on how your video has performed. How long people are watching, from where and when the people are watching, etc.
With this input, you will get the information that is necessary to take your video marketing to the next level.

Zero Tech Skills:

To use WP Video Magic, you need not be a tech wizard. You follow the simple step by step video instructions from Matt Garett to set it and use the tool to multiply your sales and thereby the profit.

WP Video Magic Review New Features:

1. Floating Video:

Pick a corner on the browser page and the video appears and sticks there as the visitor scrolls down the page keeping the video in front of them all the while.

This feature is particularly useful on the sales page, but it works with any kind of blog page because it keeps the video in front of the visitor all the time.

2. DropBox Hosting:

It has the ability to host and stream videos directly from your Dropbox account. The free version of a dropbox account gives you a healthy 20GB bandwidth per day, which is more than enough for most people who are starting.

The Pro and Business version accounts come with 200GB bandwidth per day, if you have already got paid Dropbox account, you don’t need anything more for hosting and streaming. You can use it under the new source dropdown list.


How does WP Toolkit Video Magic Works?

There are 4 simple steps to how to WP Toolkit Video Magic:

Step #1: Easy Integration:

With one easy click, you can add the Amazon S3 and CloudFront accounts to your WP Toolkit Video Magic.
And you only need to do this step once, no need to repeat this step every time you want to embed a video.

Step #2: Select Your Video:

Choose the video you want to add to your blog post or sales page to autoplay; you can perform this action from the drop-down menu.

Step #3: Choose Your Settings:

You can choose whether you want your video to autoplay or the control button to be visible or not.
Perhaps, you would want an opt-in to appear after a couple of minutes or an order form or buy button to appear after 5 minutes. You can choose your setting according to what is needed to maximize sales.

Step #4: Grab Your Shortcode:

The 4th step and final action are to grab the shortcode and insert it into your post on your WordPress blog/website to play the video.
Once you have chosen the plan of action, grab the shortcode, and insert it into any post or page on your WordPress to start playing your video.

Price – WP Video Magic Review:

Front-End Price:

Get WP Video Magic For Just $197/year
$37 One Time Payment!



Testimonials – A WP Video Magic Review:

John Thornhill

WP Video Magic is one of those plugins that just makes sense, it solves problems, saves money and just makes life easier as a marketer…

That’s because the guys behind it don’t just create plugins to sell, they create plugins to use in their own business, so they know what works!

Marc Gray

As a high ranking authority site owner and YouTuber, I was Extremely impressed with Matt’s WP Video Magic

It’s a huge time saver and a quality WordPress Tool and plugin!

Gabrielle Miller

You can embed videos without ads, so you don’t have to worry about your competitors playing ads over your video…

If you want to one-up your affiliate marketing and use youtube videos without any pain, then this is the plugin for you!

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Below is the information that you are about to learn:

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On top of that, Instagram was able to cultivate a truly active social media platform in a way that many of the other social media services haven’t been able to. People continue to log into Facebook but aren’t anywhere near as active on the platform as they used to be.

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WP Video Magic Review Video Bonus:

WP Video Magic Review Bonus 1: Your First Sales Funnel

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The good news though is that inside this product is a video tutorial that will guide you on how to make your sales funnel for the first time in your internet marketing career.

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WP Video Magic Review Bonus 4: Instant Traffic For Newbies

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WP Video Magic Review Bonus 8: Better Email Marketing

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Because of this, many startup internet marketers also do the same.

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Indeed, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. This simply means that you are making commissions from the products that you promote on the internet.

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